Zhiyuan Chen

I’m Zhiyuan (pronounces as ˈʤ-jʊˈɑːn), an undergraduate student at the Australian National Unversity major in Advanced Intelligent System. I am extremely lucky to work as a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Pan Deng at Microsoft Research Asia, focus on computational biology, especially in genome and epigenome. Prior to this, I had been lucky to be a research intern at SenseTime supervised by Mr. Yue Liao, where I worked on self-supervised learning, transformer in vision, and ultra-large-scale neural networks. Before that, I was a visiting student at Westlake University supervised by Prof. Changbin Yu, where I worked on robotic grasping detection. Before that, I was a research intern at SenseTime supervised by Mr. Guangqi Chen, where I worked on object tracking, especially single object tracking.

Coding could be the thing I love most, I have contributed to multiple repositories, including OpenCV, PyTorch, etc. I’m currently the maintainer of PySOT and iCrawler. I am passionate about public welfare, I was a volunteer with the human settlement program of the Australian Red Cross. And I believe the world would be better if we apply coding in public welfare, I founded wuhan.support in January 2020 for COVID-19.

I am looking for PhD opportunities as well as research assistant/intern positions. Please drop me an email if you are interested, you may also add me on Messenger or WeChat: zyc-personal.

We (Computational Biology Group at the Microsoft Research Asia) are looking for highly self-motivated and talented interns with deep learning background, knowledge in Biology is not required. Please drop me an email if you are interested.

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