I’m Zhiyuan (pronounces as ˈʤ-jʊˈɑːn), an undergraduate student at the Australian National Unversity major in Intelligent System. I am now working at the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as a Researcher where I work on large-scale neural network and foundation models. My research interests lies in foundation models and AI for Science. I used to be extremely lucky to work as a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Pan Deng at Microsoft Research Asia & Microsoft Research AI for Science where I worked on Computational Biology; work as a research intern at SenseTime supervised by Mr. Yue Liao, where I worked on self-supervised learning, transformer in vision, and large-scale neural networks. Before these, I used to work at Westlake University, SenseTime, and Peking University.

Coding could be the thing I love most, I have contributed to multiple repositories, including Accelerate, OpenCV, PyTorch, etc. I’m currently the maintainer of PySOT and iCrawler. I am passionate about public welfare, I was a volunteer with the human settlement program of the Australian Red Cross. And I believe the world would be better if we apply coding in public welfare, I founded wuhan.support in January 2020 for COVID-19.

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I am looking for PhD opportunities, please drop me an email if you are interested, you may also add me on Messenger or WeChat: zyc-ml.

We (PerceptionX at the Shanghai AI Lab) are looking for highly self-motivated and talented interns. Please contact us if you are interested.

Please do NOT send me emails if you are having troubles to run some code or cannot reproduce some results, instead, you are more than welcome to create an issue or start a discussion and @me. I will not be answering any question via email, since it would be unfair to others.

You are welcome to join me for some gaming~

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